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Comparison of the results of numerical and laboratory models of one-dimensional flow over dam overflows

M.H. Afshar; H. Arzani

Volume 1, special issue , October 2006, Pages 1-8


  Analyzing the flow on dams by numerical methods compared to the physical model preparation is the most efficient way to reduce costs and time. In general the type of method used, flow analysis on overflows in its permanent condition requires solving the category of differential equations involved called ...  Read More

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Short-term mechanical properties in high-strength concrete with microsilica

M. Mazloom

Volume 1, special issue , October 2006, Pages 9-15


  In this paper, the effect of microsilica on the short-term mechanical properties of high-strength concrete is discussed. Nowadays, due to the fact that the use of microsilica in high-strength concrete has become very common, it is very important to know the effect of this material on different characteristics ...  Read More

Original Research Paper Technology-based learning environments
Perceptual-behavioral impact of neighborhood open spaces on student health

S. B. Hosseini; H,R. Azemati; M. Bagheri

Volume 1, special issue , October 2006, Pages 17-28


  Open urban spaces and contemporary urban neighborhoods are not compatible with the physical and mental characteristics of Iranian male and female students. The per capita restriction of educational spaces in schools threatens the quantitative and qualitative limitation of contemporary residential homes ...  Read More

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Traffic prioritization in Cellular Mobile Telecommunications systems

S. Shirvani Moghadam; H. Noor Alizade; A.H. Khodadadi

Volume 1, special issue , October 2006, Pages 29-41


  For cellular mobile users, forced disconnection of a conversation is more undesirable than blocking and rejecting initial communication requests. Various traffic prioritization schemes seek to reduce the forced disconnection of conversations that require channel replacement.In this paper, while reviewing ...  Read More

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Determination of weight function to analyze the coefficient of stress intensity and fatigue life of thick-walled tanks based on the function of displacement of cracks

A. Rastgoo; K. Azhdari; M. Ahmadi

Volume 1, special issue , October 2006, Pages 43-50


  Determining the stress intensity coefficient is the main parameter in reservoir design, and what in the linear failure mechanism controls the crack behavior is the value of the stress intensity coefficient. There are different ways to estimate this value. The weight function method is widely used as ...  Read More

Original Research Paper science education
Comparison of TOF, FMCW and Phase-Shift Laser Range-Finding Methods by Simulation and Measurement

S. Olyaee; S. Mohammad Nejad

Volume 1, special issue , October 2006, Pages 51-58


  Since 1970s the use of laser based range-finders has become a necessary part of many military and domestic systems. According to the needs and the circumstances, many different types of such systems have been developed and their technologies are adapted to the local needs. Distance or displacement measurement ...  Read More

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Modeling Abrasion Resistance of Concrete Floors

A. A. Ramezanianpour; A. Haghollahi; A. Pourkhorshidi

Volume 1, special issue , October 2006, Pages 59-68


  Abrasion of industrial concrete floors is a major problem resulting in their lower service lives. Attempt has been made to relate the abrasion resistance of concrete to its compressive strength. However there are other factors which influence the abrasion resistance of concrete. In this study, several ...  Read More

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Bond characherization between concrete substrate and repairing materials

A.A. Ramezanianpour; V. Shahhosseini; A. Nilforoushan

Volume 1, special issue , October 2006, Pages 69-76


  The purpose of this investigation was to study the effect of bonding behavior of concrete substrate and repair materials. Three different cementitious or modified-cementitious repair materials and three surface roughnesses were studied. Repair materials were ordinary mortar, modified cementitious mortar ...  Read More