physical education
Study of Factor effecting on Development in sport schools with Using the Structural Modeling Interpretative Model

shida ranjbari; Zynalabedin Fallah; vahid shojaee

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 14 May 2019

  The purpose of this study was to a Study of Factor effecting on Development in sport schools with Using the Structural Modeling Interpretative Model. The present study was descriptive -analytical study that was carried out fieldwork. The statistical population of the study consisted of physical education ...  Read More

Education technology - Teacher training
The Effect of Learning Community of Teachers on Integrating Technology in their Classroom

M. Rahimi; M. pourjamshidi; A. Momenirad

Volume 16, Issue 4 , October 2022, , Pages 661-680

  Background and Objectives: Integrating technology in the classroom is one of the essential competencies of teachers in the age of information and communication technology. Achieving new learning standards and meeting the learners’ needs in the present century depends on this competence. One of ...  Read More

Education technology -training course
Standardization of Metaphorical Perception Scale of the Effectiveness of Mathematics Education Software in the Teaching-Learning Process from the perspective of mathematics teachers

J. Mahdikhani Sarvejahani; H. Doosti; A. Tehranian; A. Shahvarani; M. Azhini

Volume 16, Issue 4 , October 2022, , Pages 819-834

  Background and Objectives: Metaphors are powerful tools, which are used to present teachers' attitudes about mathematics and reflect their experiences. Teachers' metaphorical perception can make many educational events more tangible in order to examine the current status of education. Previous studies ...  Read More

Educational Technology
A phenomenological study of the process of ICT-competence of Iranian teachers with the purpose of presenting a native model

A. Habibi-Azar; J. Keyhan; B. Talebi

Volume 14, Issue 4 , October 2020, , Pages 847-866

  Background and Objectives: Research findings about the application of information and communication technologies in classroom has shown that despite the efforts had been done and the large amount of costs spent for empowering teachers' computer skills, but these activities have not been able to create ...  Read More

Books evaluation
Pathology of Technology Curriculum in secondary School: Qualitative Study

Z. Abolhasani; M. Dehghani

Volume 14, Issue 2 , April 2020, , Pages 261-272

  Background and ObjectiveS: The field of training and learning of work and technology is one of the eleven areas included in the national curriculum and includes the acquisition of practical skills for a productive life and the acquisition of competencies related to technology related sciences. One of ...  Read More

Education technology -training course
Phenomenological study of determining the basic skills of work and technology curriculum

M. Maleki; M.J. Liaghatdar; M.R. Nili

Volume 14, Issue 2 , April 2020, , Pages 369-381

  Background and Objectives: Today, vocational education is a part of the school curriculum that is more about preparing students for life and employment in the society. This training can be the main part of the curriculum with a part of as the requirements for graduation or the fulfilment of other courses. ...  Read More

Educational Technology
A meta-analysis of the effectiveness of technology in advancing the goals of mathematics education

R. Alidehi Ravandi; M. S. Taher Tolou Del

Volume 13, Issue 4 , October 2019, , Pages 786-796

  Background and Objective:Given that the current century is associated with innovation, speed and advances in information technology and knowledge transfer, the new generation is looking for ways to keep up with these changes. Therefore, improvements should be made in the content and method of learning. ...  Read More

The philosophical analysis of technology and its relation to cyberspace

P. Mesbahi Jamshid; M. R. Sarmadi; M. Farajolahi; M. Mirdamad; Z. Esmaili

Volume 13, Issue 4 , October 2019, , Pages 945-955

  Background and Objective:Technology is a widespread and vital event in the present time. The digital form and the telecommunications sector, which have been accompanied by the transformation of social structures, have transformed the daily life more than the biological arenas and the ecology. The essence ...  Read More

Distance Learning
Meta-analysis of the effectiveness of distance education in higher Education learning-teaching activities

A. Mosavi; H. Kaviani

Volume 13, Issue 1 , January 2019, , Pages 63-73

  Background and Objective:Higher education has faced many challenges and issues during the last two decades, among which we can mention the following: inability to produce theoretical knowledge and use of basic and theoretical knowledge produced in other countries. Of the world, the inapplicability of ...  Read More

Technology-based learning environments
Philosophy of technology, approaches, views and erroneous perceptions, an explanation of the philosophy of educational technology in the present era

H. Fardanesh; A. Jamshidi Tavana

Volume 9, Issue 4 , October 2015, , Pages 279-286

  Technology category contains different ideas and approaches. Despite different beliefs and approaches, some experts, restricted technology and philosophy of technology in two approaches "instrumentational" and "civilization". In addition, "advanced" or "lack of advanced" Suggest According time  ...  Read More

Electronic learning- virtual
The Role of Technology on the Mathematics Learning

E. Aminifar; B. Saleh Sedghpour; F. Valinejad

Volume 5, Issue 3 , July 2012, , Pages 159-166

  To investigate the impact of technology on the mathematics learning, female students of two mathematics classes who studying at pre-university level in Torkamanchay, were selected as experimental and control group. Graph subject was taught to the experimental group by NEWGRAPH software (a kind of dynamic ...  Read More

Education technology - Teacher training
An Investigation of the Teachers’ Attitudes toward the Usage of Educational Technologies in the Teaching Process

A. Zakeri; S. Rashid Haji Khajehloo; H. Afraee; Sh. Zangoee

Volume 6, Issue 1 , January 2012, , Pages 73-79

  The use of modern educational technology has become increasingly common during the recent years. In this study we try to investigate the teachers’ attitudes toward the use of modern educational technology in the classroom. The participants were 330 teachers randomly selected from a population of ...  Read More