Educational Technology - Teacher Education
Designing a Creativity-based Curriculum Model for Student Teachers: a Grounded Theory

A. Rahbar; S.M. Imam Jome; A. Hosseini Dehshiri; A. Asareh

Volume 17, Issue 1 , January 2023, , Pages 121-138

  Background and Objectives: Teacher training, as the most important pillar of education, is responsible for training student teachers to enter the serious job of teaching. Creativity is one of the important issues among researchers, especially educational specialists, which should always be investigated ...  Read More

Learning Environment
The development and validation of teaching- learning process instrument in smart schools in educational system of the Islamic Republic of Iran

J. Jahani; R. Mazaheri; Mehdi Mohamadi; M Shafiei

Volume 14, Issue 3 , July 2020, , Pages 493-505

  Background and Objectives:The purpose of the present descriptive-survey study is development and validation of teaching - learning process instrument in smart schools in educational system of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Methods: The research tool i.e. the researcher-made questionnaire was designed ...  Read More

Game-based Education
The impact of computer game-making on the creativity of elementary students

M. Roshanian Ramin; K. Aliabadi; A. Delavar

Volume 14, Issue 3 , July 2020, , Pages 739-748

  Background and Objectives: Today Computer games are one of the most effective media among various educational media. However, playing games can be used as a training method in education process. But in the opinion of many researchers, the making the game by the students can have deeper effects and it ...  Read More

Evaluating the success of architecture education in Iran in promoting creativity and creative imagination of students, Case Study: Malayer University

Kh. Daneshjoo; A. Hosseini Alamdari; M. Moeinipour

Volume 14, Issue 1 , January 2020, , Pages 189-197

  Background and Objective:In the process of design development, it is the duty of the architect to find appropriate answers to design issues based on his experience and knowledge to provide the design goals considering diverse criteria. Therefore, the ability to create new and unknown solutions to issues, ...  Read More

Learning Environment
The Effect of Optimal Design of the Learning Space on Creativity Promoting

Y. Movahedi

Volume 13, Issue 2 , April 2019, , Pages 379-385

  Background and Objective:Creativity, is one of the great features of human thinking. One of the creative support strategies in cognitive education and increasing creativity is designing educational space. The educational space designed to enhance creativity should provide students with the opportunity ...  Read More

Modern Educational Approaches
An approach to dynamic and targeted education of architecture basic courses

B. Motiei; F. Mehdizadeh Saradj; Q. Bayzidi

Volume 13, Issue 1 , January 2019, , Pages 191-202

  Background and Objective:Architecture is a science in which aesthetics and sensory experiences are very important and creative action is a way of thinking and understanding. The use of combination education in basic courses is very important and combination education is very important in successfully ...  Read More

Electronic learning- virtual
Investigating The Effect Of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Courses On The Creativity Of Students

M. Rajabi; Z. Derikvandi; H. Rezaeean

Volume 9, Issue 3 , July 2015, , Pages 201-211

  The present study aims to investigate the effect of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) courses on the creativity of students at Isfahan’s Vocational Education Center. The research method is  a quasi-experimental type. The population of the research involves all the technical vocational ...  Read More

The Relationship between ‍Creativity and Leadership Style and Educational Productivity in Technical & Vocational Colleges

A. Sehat; A. Khallaghi

Volume 6, Issue 3 , July 2013, , Pages 211-221

  This research aims to understand the relationship between the leadership style used by technical school managers and school efficiency. This research is a survey. Managers and instructors of technical schools in Tehran are the population and the participants are 9 managers and 119 instructors which were ...  Read More

Curriculum Planning
The Effect of Blog Based Curriculum on Creativity of High School Students

S. Golkari; M. Ayati; M. Rastgoo

Volume 7, Issue 3 , July 2013, , Pages 213-221

  The objective of this study is to investigate the effect of web based curriculum on high school students’ creativity. The method used in this study was semi-experimental, along with a pre-post test design with the control group. In this study, the statistical population consists of all the girl ...  Read More

science education
The Perspective of Creativity in the Process of Learning Mathematics

M. Nadjafikhah; N. Yaftian; S. Bakhshalizadeh

Volume 5, Issue 3 , July 2012, , Pages 145-158

  Mathematical creativity is often considered as a mysterious phenomenon. Most mathematicians seem to be not interested in analyzing their own thinking processes and do not describe how they work or conceive their theories. One of the goals of this paper, which is based on research findings from contemporary ...  Read More

Study of Effective Factors to Enhance the Quality of Residential Complexes Design Education

M. Alal-hesabi; H. Arbabian; M. Yousef Zamani

Volume 3, Issue 2 , April 2009, , Pages 119-131

  The aim of this research is find effective factors to enhance the quality of Residential complexes design education .To achievement this aim we use the views of six related groups include, professors of architecture design , professors of related lessons , architectures engaged in house design ,the students ...  Read More

urban parks design and children's creativity development

F. Mozaffar; H.R. Azemati; M. Bagheri

Volume 1, Issue 1 , January 2007, , Pages 27-37

  Today, urban parks are an integral part of biological complexes and public spaces, especially in metropolitan areas, and play an essential role in meeting the social and individual needs of citizens. These spaces occupy a large part of people's daily time and environment, including children, and therefore ...  Read More