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1 , Faculty of Management, Kharazmi University. Tehran. Iran

2 Faculty of Management, Kharazmi University. Tehran. Iran


Preparing the thesis is one of the most important parts of education in higher education level.The current study aimed to determine the level of master student satisfaction of interactive and supervisory styles of supervisors. This research was descriptive survey. The population of the study was all entering male and female doctoral students in 2013-14 academic-year majoring in humanities, science and engineering in Tehran's public universities who defended their master's thesis in the past two years (N=3092). Using Cochran sampling formula, 342 individuals were selected as research sample. A researcher made questionnaire was used for data collection. The validity of the questionnaire was determined by experts and its reliability was measured by Cronbach's alpha (α=.87.2), showing an acceptable level of research tool. One sample t test was used for data analysis. Based on the obtained results, the students were not satisfied with any of the supervisory styles of supervisors. In connection to the interactive styles, students adopted horizontal interactive style as the most interactive style. In supervisory styles, using a combination of styles; and in interactive styles, using a positive and dynamic horizontal style is suggested to the supervisors.


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