Document Type : Original Research Paper


1 Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, Iran University of Science and Technology,Tehran,Iran

2 Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran


Nowadays، creativity and innovation، particularly in the field of research، are of an extreme importance. Group activities have a key role in this area. Accordingly، and owing to the effect of spaces on human beings، this paper has focused on the identification of space aspects that increase the researchers’ creativity and innovation in an “architecture and urban design research center”. To achieve a set of desirable architectural attributes of the center’s public areas، four factors influencing creativity and innovation were taken into account which includes tranquility/physical comfort، motivation، creative thinking، and communication. Also، four spatial aspects، which affect these factors، were considered as privacy، beauty، spatial diversity/flexibility، andproximity/visibility. On the basis of the aforementioned factors and spatial aspects، a four-point Likert scale questionnaire was prepared to gather the researchers’ opinions. The statistical approach of Repeated Measure Analysis of Variance (RM-ANOVA) in the environment of SPSS software was employed to assess the questionnaires’ data. The rankings of factors influencing on the innovation and creativity، from the perspective of being affected by spatial aspects، were accordingly extracted


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