1 Information Technology Management, Payame Noor University, Tehran, Iran

2 Industrial Engineering, Faculty Member of the Department of Industry, Malek Ashtar University, Tehran, Iran

3 Information Technology Management Faculty Member, Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology, Payame Noor University, Tehran, Iran


Assictant: In recent years a fundamental revolution has been seen in the education. This transformation is not only in the tools and methods, but in the concept and approach of education. One of these developments is in the transferring from teacher-centered methods into students-centered methods. In this transformation, personal knowledge management can be recognized as the coin of e-learning. Concurrent with this evolution in the methods, tools of teaching have been changed fundamentally from traditional teaching tools to e-learning and e-learning 2.0 (e-learning with Web 2.0 tools). This novel method has been studied in this research. At the first, personal knowledge management processes, Web 2.0 tools have been recognized and then the overlaps with the training have been studied. The suggested model has been composed of  these three areas, validated by the Delphi panel, and at last with chi-square test a survey has been done. 300 users of knowledge workers of online knowledge communities have been recognized and categorized; and knowledge workers 2.0 have been selected. In recognizing processes and tools of personal knowledge management, which can be used in e-learning, these knowledge workers answer the questions. On the other hand, 11 experts on Knowledge management (authors of ISI articles) in three rounds have been contributed in Delphi panel. The result of this study has been formed as a model for leveraging personal knowledge management tools in learning. This model includes the personal knowledge management 2.0 processes which can be used in learning. In addition, the best tools for each process have been identified in this model.


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