Document Type : Original Research Paper


1 Department of curriculum planning , faculty of Education Sciences, Isfahan university. Isfahan. Iran

2 faculty member of Educational Science department . Tabriz University. Tabriz. Iran

3 , Faculty of Education and Psychology,Tabriz University. Tabriz. Iran


The main purpose of this study is to investigate high school teachers’ and students’ experience in using technology. The quality and phenomenology method has been applied in this study. The statistic population includes all high school teachers and students in Behbahan city. Therefore, based on purposive sampling method, semi-structured interviews have been done with 8 teachers and 6 students in Behbahan with regard to the use of technology. To ensure the reliability of research data, continuous study method and comparison of the data, summarizing and classifying the information was used without causing any damage to data. The data were analyzed by Smith´s suggested method. In using technology three main themes gained including the effective use of technology, barriers in using technology, factors influencing the use of technology. Three major themes were extracted from the findings that can depict teachers and students’ experiences in the use of technology. The finding revealed that teachers and students are faced with many problems in using technology. The most important issues include; (a) ignoring computer training books (b) pass the entrance examination (c) teachers’ interest and (d) type of course.


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