Document Type : Original Research Paper


Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran


Preserving the students’ educational motivation and satisfaction of teaching methods has a considerable influence on their educational success. Therefore, finding effective strategies to enhance students’ educational motivation and satisfaction of teaching methods is considered as one of the most important educational priorities. The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of utilizing the capabilities of caricature on the students’ educational motivation and satisfaction of the teaching methods. The participants were the students of Yazd Payame Noor University. Nineteen students participated in the learning program utilizing caricature through textbook and PowerPoint slides and 18 students took part in the instructional program based on the lecture. The course of “consistency” with the subject of “strength of the metal structures” was taught using the two mentioned approaches. The classes were randomly assigned to these educational programs. The data were collected in the two stages of pretest and posttest using the summarized version of Mac Innerni and Sinclaire standard questionnaire of educational motivation. Moreover, after the treatment, the students were asked several direct questions about their overall satisfaction from the educational programs. The data were analyzed using t-test, Wilcoxon and Mann-Whitney statistical tests. The findings indicated that comparing the two approaches, teaching with utilization of caricature can enhance the students’ educational motivation and satisfaction of the teaching methods.


Main Subjects

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