Document Type : Original Research Paper


1 Faculty of Humanities, Tarbiat Dabir Shahid Rajaei University, Tehran, Iran

2 Educational Management, Tarbiat Dabir Shahid Rajaei University, Tehran, Iran


Occupational capability is one of the most important concerns of organizations and its members. This factor is also considered in educational organizations. The purpose of this research is examination of the relation between in-service training، years of service record and education with teacher''s occupational capability. This research plans to answer the following questions: Is there any relation between in-service training، service record، teacher''s education and their occupational capability? Also is there a relation between in-service training and each element of capability? For this purpose، female teachers of guidance school in Shahr-e-Rey were studied. Three regions of Shahr-e-Rey were selected based on cluster sampling. For evaluating occupational capability and related elements (communicational skills and group working، creativity and problem-solving، commitment and responsibility، cognition and specialized knowledge، practical and technical skills)، a questionnaire has been used including 5 components and 34 questions based on Likert scale. Stability of the mentioned questionnaire was 0.92 which was calculated by internal stability calculation (Cronbach Alpha); its admissibility was also obtained with reference to agreement of specialists. The method used for the research was descriptive and correlational. For analyzing the data، descriptive statistics was used for indicating how data and demographic features of sample group distributed and for replying to research questions، deductive statistics and particularly partial correlation and stepwise regression was applied. Results showed that among three factors including in-service training، records and education there is a meaningful relation between in-service training and occupational capability. Also، there is no meaningful relation between in-service training and each component of occupational capability. Totally، the results of research show that in-service training of teachers affects their occupational capability and increases it.


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