Document Type : Original Research Paper


1 Department of Wood and Paper Industries, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Shahid Rajaei University, Tehran, Iran

2 Faculty of Humanities, Shahid Rajaei University, Tehran, Iran


Ministry of Education established vocational education and training at high school level to provide skilled workers for different sections of industry. To understand the extent to which vocational schools provide truly competent workforce and meet the industry needs، its curriculum content and educational methods should be evaluated. This paper aims to study the curriculum of wood industry discipline in vocational schools to understand to what extent it meets the industry needs in Tehran province. The population in this study included vocational teachers، vocational students، and curriculum developers in wood industry discipline as well as wood industry managers and employees in Tehran province. All the teachers and students in third grade of vocational schools in this field and curricula developers (professional members of curriculum committee) were included in the sample as well as 50 members of the wood industry community، selected randomly. A customized questionnaire was used for measuring the extent to which the curriculum met the industry’s needs. Results showed that there are different points of view regarding the issue. According to curriculum developers the curriculum content highly meets the industry needs while teachers and students believed the curriculum content and industry needs partly cover each other. The viewpoint of those involved in the industry shows somewhat relevance between the two. Some books، such as wood construction technology and principles of industrial power technology، are in prime priority to revision، and some others such as physical and mechanical properties of wood، wood storage and drying، technical calculation (I، II، III) are more related to industry needs. Other books should also be reviewed in second priority.


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