Document Type : Original Research Paper


1 Educational Planning, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran

2 Faculty of Educational Sciences and Psychology, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran


Abstract: The aim of higher education is granted jurisdiction to the students and increase their learning. In the
recent years, experts believe that these aims must pay more attention to sustainable learning in the life. Selecting
the suitable evaluation methods for the students, which can access different evaluation aims simultaneously, is
the biggest challenge for evaluation. This research considers the different common methods of evaluation and
achieving the goals of sustainable learning of the students with the help of these methods. The research is an
analytical and descriptive- survey. The statistical society of this research is the students of six majors of
humanity in Isfahan University. The students were selected randomly. The research tool was researcher made
questionnaire which has been prepared by reviewing the special text and experts view points on a Likert scale.
Ensuring the reliability and validity of a questionnaire the data were analyzed by the descriptive and inferential
statistic. According to the findings the evaluating method which has been used was inapplicable, compressed,
limited and they were highly according to the student’s final exams. There is no place for self and peer
assessment. Also finding showed that actions related to the evaluation are not programming on the line with the
student sustainable learning and they have not suitable accuracy to measure the learning aims. Measurement
method selection according to the learning outcome, especially sustainable learning and making student to have
an active role in measurement process are among the suggestions.


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