Document Type : Original Research Paper


Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training University,Tehran,Iran


Present Study as a "meta-analysis" research aims to determine the role and methods of communication, regarding verbal and nonverbal learning in mathematics is provided. Research conducted for this purpose (18 Researches) on  mathematic teaching, in the form of research papers published in the Journal of Educational Innovations, as the main concept was considered. Out of the 8 research papers published in terms of attention to communication variables has more extension of the statistical society of this research. Then, according to the variables performance methods, questions and results showed in them was descriptive-qualitative and get “meta-analysis. The main question of this study is to research on mathematics teaching is based on the method of communication, what are the similarities and differences in the use of effective communication? During the investigation, it was determined that the communication patterns of multiple and sometimes conflicting have more attentions and proposed recommendations, which are as follows: emotional, participatory, supporting, visual, objective and balanced in a form of speech, physical, visual and audio that leads to any progress performance of learners and their learning mathematics and problem solving.