Document Type : Technical Note


1 Faculty of Educational Sciences, Ilam University, Kurdistan, Iran

2 Department of Educational Technology, Islamic Azad University, Kermanshah Branch, Iran


The main purpose of this paper is identification and determination effects of the using education by argumentation maps on improvement the average grades of the Critical thought in the students. This research ‎is modeled in a multi-group semi-experimental project with pre and post examination. Data of ‎done this project، in order to consideration the rate of think and logic testing’s، the test is done ‎using Watson Glaser Critical thought. The sample of research was ‎included of the 60 girls and 60 boys students at EIVAN Township have been done، who are studying in ‎the second grade in guidance school at academic year 89-90. In ‎part of the four groups is considered، which are selected using random sampling from students ‎in the second grade of guidance school. Thence forth the experimentally group during ‎‎7convocation 90 minutes’ by using argumentation maps was exposed on the experiments and ‎responsibilities learning. After two weeks the end of the project، the Critical thinking from all ‎testing’s is done again. The data of research are briefed and classified using qualified statistically ‎index such as: average، variance، amplitude and percent of amplitude. Then the assumptions of ‎research are analyzed using test (t)، variance and covariance analyses. The analyses of the ‎obtained data shown that carrying out of the argumentation maps in the class at science subjects ‎are more effective on increment of the grad averages of Critical thought for girls and ‎ boys students.‎ 


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