Document Type : Original Research Paper


Department of Architecture, Deilman Lahijan University, Iran


Abstract: Cognition about Mental and psychological factors، influencing the architectural design، is one of the most important indicator of architectural education. This study examined the relationship between Emotional Intelligence and architectural design skills in architecture students of Deylaman Institute of Higher Education .65 architecture students were selected from the University of Deylaman by Simple Random Sampling method. The Emotional intelligence of each student was measured by the Brad berry and Greaves (2004) test. Scores of design 2 and GPA OF students was interpreted as indicators of progress in architectural design and academic achievement. Data analysis was carried out by Descriptive and Inferential Statistics methods containing Correlation Analysis، Independent Samples Test and One-Sample T-Test and utilizing SPSS software. In conclusion we found that there is no significant relationship between emotional intelligence and both academic achievement and scores of design2 of students. Furthermore The findings also showed emotional intelligence of both gender (male and female) is not different significantly. Research results indicate no significant difference between emotional intelligence and academic achievement of students of architecture and architectural design skills. The findings also showed that emotional intelligence is no significant difference in male and female students of architecture Considering The impact of emotional intelligence in professional success and lack of significant relationship between EQ and architectural skills، architecture faculties should enhance EI of architecture students by necessary training courses. 


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