Document Type : Original Research Paper


Faculty of Civil Engineering, Shahid Rajaei Teacher Training University, Tehran, Iran


: The lateral load bearing systems of structures are divided to four major groups, which are: moment frames, shear walls, bracings, and combined systems that contain a combination of the previous ones. Nowadays, the combined systems of moment frames and shear walls are utilized in high-rise reinforced concrete structures frequently; therefore, the method of educating these systems is quite significant for postgraduate students and professional engineers. It is worth noting that according to the Iranian code of practice for seismic resistant design and also the Iranian concrete building code, the analysis and design of these combined structures have been complicated because the moment of inertia of cracked sections should be used. In this paper, the different methods of educating the combined shear wall – moment frame structural systems, which are conventional, computerized and a combination of these two methods, have been investigated. The results of statistical studies show that the combination of conventional and computational methods was more successful than the other ones. The only negative point of this method was that the time taken for teaching was improved about two times. Obviously, using the prepared handouts containing some necessary information and examples, decreased this period, and it became about 1.5 times of the other methods.


Main Subjects

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