Document Type : Original Research Paper


Faculty of Architecture, University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran


Each program is prepared, approved and implemented according to the policies, goals, facilities, and executive methods of the relevant period. With the advent of new ways of transmitting information and changing facilities and the need to improve the level of graduates, there are necessities that require planners to reconsider their plans. The curriculum approved in 1998 for the "Bachelor of Architecture" course is no exception. It seems necessary to achieve the desired goals and coordinate with the new scientific and educational needs and trends, as well as to eliminate the problems and contradictions of review and revision in the above program. The growing needs of the country in the field of construction and quality improvement and the correctness of action in this field depends on the training of experts who can meet the needs of society in this regard. In this article, an attempt has been made to analyze and prove the discrepancies and problems between the goals and its executive methods by presenting the content of the program and to offer them corrective suggestions. In this regard, directing education towards responding as much as possible to the real needs of society and familiarizing students with their own culture and correct architecture has been considered. The Bachelor of Architecture Engineering course is a professional course that aims to foster creative talent, transfer knowledge and general skills of the architectural profession, and achieve general efficiency in this field. In line with the above goal, an attempt has been made to give the maximum possible price to the architectural design projects and the technical and theoretical courses surrounding it in planning this course. Because in the new structure of the field of architecture, which has become a bachelor's and master's degree discontinuous, and the goal is to train architects with general professional efficiency. In this regard, the number of units in accordance with each of the skills and expertise required by the country has been carefully studied and suggestions have been provided in relation to the issues raised.


Main Subjects

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