Curriculum Planning
The Study of Learning Characteristics of Engineering Students: Emphasis on Learning Styles and Hemispheric Dominance

M. Amini; A. Alipoor; I. EbrahimZadeh; B. Zandi; M. Farajallahi

Volume 5, Issue 4 , October 2012, , Pages 213-220

  Over the recent decades, a massive amount of new knowledge and research has been added to various fields of science including engineering. Due to the half-life of knowledge and the urgent need for replacing old information with new findings, learning has become quite challenging task for the learners. ...  Read More

English teaching
Validating and Establishing Norms of the Language Learning Styles

R. Nejati

Volume 4, Issue 4 , October 2010, , Pages 267-275

  A key issue in assessing the learning styles of English as foreign language (EFL) students is the development of a valid and reliable instrument. This paper reports and discusses the results of administering one learning styles questionnaire, which is a further development of Wintergerst , DeCapua (2002) ...  Read More