The role of self-directed learning in the effectiveness of e-learning during the COVID-19 pandemic

F. Narenjithani; M. Keramati; M. Hosseinisohi

Volume 16, Issue 3 , July 2022, , Pages 571-589


  Background and Objectives: One of the most crucial objectives of education systems is to respond to students' learning, social and emotional needs, particularly in critical situations. Over the past two years, the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has been one of the most significant recent crises in education ...  Read More

Identifying the components of e-learning system at University of Tehran

F. Narenjithani; J. pourkarimi; S. Hejazi

Volume 15, Issue 2 , April 2021, , Pages 321-337


  Background and Objectives: E-learning is the necessity of the information society and the main condition for achieving the goal of the Fourth National Development Plan (Knowledge-Based Development) which has paid special attention to the university activities while benefitting from the electronic learning ...  Read More

Electronic learning- virtual
Assessment of teaching and learning system in e-higher education, Case Study: Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at the University of Tehran

Kh. Abili; F. Narenji Thani; Z.S. Mostafavi

Volume 13, Issue 1 , January 2019, , Pages 165-177


  Background and Objective:Evaluating the quality of the teaching-learning system is a process that is done to improve the quality and increase stakeholder’s satisfaction with e-learning programs, and in line with the development of university e-learning courses, attention to the evaluation of the ...  Read More